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Világi Winery

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We consider it our mission to breathe new life into the Lower Pohronie wine region. At an elevation of 100-250 metres, lies a magical volcanic area. It’s said that the wines from Chľaba are born in lava. This is due to the volcanic soil enriched with Miocene deposits and andesites of volcanic origin, which give the wines a superb minerality. The vineyards of the Világi Winery are surrounded by three rivers: the Danube, Ipeľ and Hron. This provides the unique climate of this region.



The village of Chľaba was originally founded as the island Chľaba on the Danube and was an orchard for the Esztergom archbishopric. It provided the inhabitants of the area with rich and high-quality crops. After relocation of the village from the island, the tradition of wine-making in cellars carved into the loess soil on the northern bank of the Danube was preserved. Cellars more than 300 years old are still part of the village today. The local flora and fauna remain pristine, with their original character from the past preserved.

Heimann Bati Kereszt

The exceptional nature of this region is also reflected in our wines. Our classic labels depict the Danube and its iconic fish as well as the forest with resting mouflon that surrounds our vineyards.

In the production of wine, we consider preserving the uniqueness of the wine variety and our terroir as important. We’re proud that the minerality and nature of the terroir of our wines also represent the region at the international level. We leave our Terroir Selection wines to mature for a long time in oak barrels of various sizes and types of local origin.

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