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Heimann & Fiai

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Zoli Heimann is the cheer and joy in the valleys of Szekszárd. Although he refers to himself as the Kadarka Man for their extensive work on the variety's clonal selection, we have not met anyone with a more sincere dedication to terroir driven Kékfrankos. 



The Heimann vineyards

are organically cultivated without the use of insecticides or herbicides. All grapes are hand harvested and carefully sorted. No signs of under or overripe berries, only the healthiest bunches are used. Fermentation is spontaneous by ambient yeast with whole bunch maceration. Ageing in large neutral oak or amphorae. 

Heimann Bati Kereszt

The Heimann & Fiai wines 

are characterised by freshness, intensity, lower alcohol and delicate fruit extraction. We invite you on a journey to explore his single vineyard and parcel selection range of Kékfrankos and Kadarka, each step adding an extra layer of complexity and elegance. 

Kadarka is our heritage, but that is not the main reason why we love it. Its grace, delicate tannins and distinctive spicy character make it an excellent match with modern cuisine. Kadarka is a capricious variety, so we have set out to identify and cultivate rare and forgotten clones to improve its consistency. In our experience great precision and low intervention in winemaking are the key to preserving its unique character.

Porkoláb-völgy (völgy meaning valley) is where our newly selected Kadarka clones are planted. The upper part of the valley is comprised of west facing slopes and a windy hilltop. We pick and ferment each of the 7 new clones separately and blend the best lots after harvest.

Weninger Ponzichter Ireland

Zoltán Heimann Jr. (Zoli)

studied in Geisenheim, Montpellier and Udine. After his vineyard experience in Mosel, Tuscany and Yara Valley he returned home to his family’s winery in Szekszárd. His focus is on clonal selection and vineyard expression of the indigenous varieties Kadarka and Kékfrankos. The wines are sophisticated, expressive of terroir and full of individuality.​

Weninger Wine Vaults

Bati Kereszt vineyard
on a north facing slope, sheltered by a forest at the highest altitude in Szekszárd
where grapes ripen 2-3 weeks later compared to other sites, resulting in better phenolic ripeness while retaining delicacy and freshness

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