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Ipacs Szabó


István treats his Cabernet Franc with the same love and care as his children. He is known as one of the best Hungarian winemakers of all time having spent over two decades as the head winemaker at Vylyan. In 2021 he decided to dedicate his full efforts to perfecting his own Villányi Franc at home. 

About Ipacs Szabó

István Ipacs-Szabó combines his passion for nature and scientific curiosity with an unprecedented open mind. As the chief of the Research Institute of Viticulture and Enology at the University of Pécs, he loves to present fellow winemakers with mind blowing results of his experiments.









Biodynamic, organic or conventional? Natty or scientific intervention? Amorim vs Diam? He takes no sides before personally trying them all and presenting his findings at the univeristy. István’s aims to make the most exceptional Villányi Franc by honouring manual labour and the environment. 


Villányi Franc?

In 2000 Michael Broadbent MW declared in the Decanter Magazine that “Cabernet Franc has found its natural home in Villány.” This induced the creation of the Villányi Franc appellation, a name awarded only to the highest quality examples.

Instead of Honeymoon - Nászút helyett

After leading Vylyan, one of Hungary’s most prominent wineries for 22 years, he finally decided to fully dedicate his time to his own tiny vineyard of Cabernet Franc. 

The name given to his Villányi Franc, Nászút helyett means ‘instead of honeymoon’ which tells the story behind purchasing this plot. Ipacs-Szabó believed in the quality of this site to the extent that when it became available for sale they sacrificed their savings put aside for their honeymoon to buy it.

Meaty, umami, ripe plums, a touch of leather with creaminess and sweet oak spice. 

Round, intense and full in body, yet with a superb refreshing acidity to keep it balanced, and no insanity on alcohol levels either.

On the label, the magnificent honey buzzard with its wings spread wide accurately represent this Villányi Franc — the most elegant and easy to drink full bodied wine out there.

Ipacs Szabó
Instead of Honeymoon Wine
Villanyi Franc
Instead of Honeymoon
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