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Heimann & Fiai
Bati Kereszt 2018

Heimann Bati Kereszt Kekfrankos
Heimann Fiai

Producer: Heimann & Fiai
Vineyard: Bati Kereszt 

Vintage: 2018

Grape: Kékfrankos

Abv: 12.7 %

RS: 2.1 g/l

Total acidity: 5.1 g/l

Free SO2: 17 g/l 

Total SO2: 55 g/l

Closure: Diam 10 - guaranteed no cork taint

                              - eCap 100% recyclable aluminum capsule 

Production: 2450 bottles

Our Thoughts

Introduces itself with a bouquet garni to set an elegant tone to a sensational array of dark fruits. Rarely does exuberant minerality, floral delicacy and forest maturity combine into such length and complexity. Finesse is thanks to the loess soil of this north-facing single vineyard that is almost entirely surrounded by a forest on the highest altitude of Szekszárd. As the ripening period is extended by 2-3 weeks on this site, the organic Bati Kereszt Kékfrankos is a true champion against the battle of climate change.

Heimann Winemaker
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